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Fly Over, Fly Around, Fly Through

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This is a sponsored post:

What play best personifies what it means to fly in the NBA? SB Nation's sponsored survey now has it narrowed down to three potential entrants:

Flying Around, Through And Over Opponents: What's Most Impressive? -

Head on over and vote for your favorite play when you have a moment.

In our Flight Meter series, we've looked at some of the best highlights of Jordan Brand athletes using their gifts to fly around, through and over opponents. We asked readers to vote for their favorite clip in each category, and we have those results.

Now, we need you to pick the best of those. In doing so, you make a tacit endorsement toward that particular characteristic, judging what's most impressive and important: flying over, flying around or flying through the opponent. This is a critical decision, one that should not be taken lightly. We'll understand if you need some time to think it over.