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Danny Ainge Talks About Trade Deadline

First a caveat that you should only believe some of what anyone is saying at this time of year. With that said, there's a clear message that the team is trying to sell the fans and media and anyone else that will listen. Which is "don't expect much." This flies in the face of the speculation that seems to be picking up anew (after a few days off) about anyone and everyone being available (at a price of course). But as usual, you can spin the same story a few different ways.

Danny is only doing his job by telling people that there's no fire sale going on and that we'll only make a trade if it helps us now and for the future. What else is he supposed to say?

Ainge: Won't deal future assets for present

Celtics team president Danny Ainge said on The Big Show that whole there's "nothing close," to happening, he won't surrender a future asset to help the current team. "It's a fine line," Ainge said. "But I'm not going to sacrifice future assets to help our bench right at this minute." Ainge said that he gets a "handful" of calls a day but that nothing is imminent as the March 15 trade deadline approaches. "As of right now we have nothing close to happening," he said. "It's not from a lack of trying. Not necessarily to make major changes, but to make small changes at least."

Expect more rumors but believe none of them fully. Some may have a grain or two of truth in them, but if you and I are hearing about it, then someone with an agenda leaked it specifically to a source in the media. Just take with dash of salt. Public service announcement concluded.

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