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NBA Trade Rumors: Josh Smith for Dwight Howard?

Trading places?
Trading places?

Sometimes rumors just have a way of blending together and sometimes the various pieces just happen to fit for the GM's involved. Not sure which category this fits under but it is interesting.

Magic want Melo-like haul for Howard -

The other team aggressively trying to maneuver for a shot at acquiring Howard and persuading him to sign this summer is the Rockets, who need a replacement for retired center Yao Ming and who are still recovering from the voided Chris Paul trade that would’ve landed Pau Gasol from the Lakers. But a more serious contender could emerge in the coming days: the Hawks, who are dealing with disgruntled should-be All-Star Josh Smith’s own reported trade request. Smith and Al Horford would represent a coup for the Magic considering the alternative of losing Howard for nothing, and Atlanta is Howard’s hometown, where he attended Southwest Atlanta Christian Academy. Even with the potential of getting – and keeping – a player of Howard’s popularity and impact, questions remain about whether the Atlanta ownership group would be able to afford two max players going forward. Joe Johnson is owed $90 million over the next four years.

Interesting developments. So much for the quiet before the storm. The rumors have really picked up in the last few days.