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Jordan Brand: Fly Through Winner

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In Game Dunks, Dwyane Wade Flies Through Everyone But MJ Himself -

Dwyane Wade over Anderson Varejao was deemed the top Flight Meter highlight by our readers. It's clear that the only rival as an in-game dunker for Wade is Michael Jordan himself.

We presented 15 highlights showing Jordan Brand athletes flying through, over and around opponents, and the readers narrowed it down to one. In retrospect, it's no surprise that fans would pick the play that would become the eventual winner: it's considered one of the nastiest dunks of the last decade, and it has more attitude and aggression than should be allowed in a proper game. The winner of our reader vote on the quintessential Flight Meter highlight: Dwyane Wade flies through Anderson Varejao.

Wade, of course, defeated himself in the final vote: it was a close race between Wade-through-Varejao and Wade-over-Kendrick Perkins. There's hardly anyone playing today who dunks as viscerally, as viciously and as consistently as Wade in game situations. Hardly anyone playing today at all. But a certain Michael Jordan certainly did those things in his day.