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Celtics Rout Blazers: Sometimes You're The Windshield

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What a difference 1 day of rest makes.
What a difference 1 day of rest makes.

Sometimes you are the bug (like Wednesday night) and sometimes you are the windshield (like tonight).

Everything that went wrong in the last game went right tonight. Ball movement, aggressiveness, rotations, shooting, it all went better. Ok, they still got beat on the boards, but when all your shots are going in, who cares?

  • Pierce and Allen finished with 22 points in just 26 minutes and Kevin Garnett played just 21 minutes. Basically the perfect prescription to prepare for a long road trip.
  • 2 blocks for Stiemsma, so we'll forgive him for the missed dunk.
  • Nice shooting by Sasha Pavlovic tonight.
  • Aldridge can play, not that anyone would notice in a game like this.
  • I don't think the Garden folks would disrespect the Blazers by playing Gino before the end of the 4th quarter, but in reality it was Gino-time near the end of the first half (if not before).

On to the West coast. I wish we could bottle some of this momentum and send it out there with them, but you just never know with this team. They are like Forest Gump's box of chocolates.

Per the CSNNE stat they flashed on the screen, the Celtics play 8 games in the next 14 days in 7 different cities with 3 back to backs. Oh, and the trade deadline is right in the middle of all that mess. Yikes.