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Ray Allen Would Accept Role Off The Bench

The idea of Ray Allen coming off the bench isn't a new one. Last year, Doc hinted that Ray or Paul could come off the bench if it made sense for the team. More recently the topic was covered in great detail by our own Anthony Bruzzese a couple of days ago. The new news is that Ray Allen would be open to the idea.

Bench points for Ray Allen -

The team’s strong starts beg the question of whether it would be better for both the Celts and Allen to bring him in off the bench when he does return, perhaps as early as today, from a sore right ankle. For his part, Allen says he would graciously accept such a move if coach Doc Rivers sees fit. "If it makes us better offensively, I have no problem with it," Allen said. If the change is made, it clearly wouldn’t be a swipe at Allen, who is posting some of his best shooting numbers, including 45.9 percent on 3-pointers. But beyond the fact the Celts have been getting into a good defensive groove to open games, making Allen more of an offensive focal point with the reserves possibly could stretch out the scoring.

It couldn't hurt to at least tinker with the idea now and see how it works prior to the playoffs.

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