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Beware Miami, Winter Is Coming (Celtics Freeze Out Heat)

23 points and a negative 30 plus/minus
23 points and a negative 30 plus/minus

Well, it was nice of the Miami Heat to show up for the 2nd quarter, where they erased a 10 point lead. They promptly disappeared in the 3rd quarter and gave up in the 4th. You know, I guess what they say about a team taking on the personality of their best player is true.

Rajon Rondo dominated this game from the very start, turning in a triple double that was destined after the first 3 minutes. Let the critics say that he only shows up for nationally televised games. The playoffs are all on national TV so I'll take that any day of the week.

If Rondo was rep'ing Kentucky today, then Pierce did his best to rep Kansas, leading the way with 23 points. In a true testament to team play, all 5 starters finished with double digit points. Just a dominant game all around.

Really proud of the game Greg Stiemsma had today. Solid on pick and rolls, opportunistic on offense, and in the right place at the right times on defense. Well done big fella. Also very impressed (and less and less surprised) by the continued play of Avery Bradley.

The Celtics just made a statement to the league. You do NOT want this come playoff time. If Miami is the Heat, then Boston is Winter, and Winter is coming.

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