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Celtics Training Camp In Turkey & Italy

Remember back in 2008 when the Big 3 first got together and the team set off for training camp in Italy? Shoot, remember when the team had legit training camps? (Stupid lockout) Well the Celtics are once again going to head overseas for camp in the Fall.

Celtics going global -

The Herald has learned the club will hold training camp and play exhibition games in Istanbul and Milan in the fall. Sources have confirmed that, barring any logistical problems overseas, the Celts will hold workouts and face European teams in both sites. There are still some contracts to be signed, but at present the C’s will play in Turkey on Oct. 5, and in Italy on Oct. 7.

Sounds like a great time. Circle your calendars folks. The fun starts again on October 5th. Now, what the team will look like and what memories they'll bring from this past year is still to be determined. But at least we know that they'll have a good training camp experience.

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