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Kevin Garnett Is A Man On Fire

That's ok Coach, I got this.
That's ok Coach, I got this.

Mentioned this last night, but it bears repeating. Kevin Garnett was absolutely shooting the lights out last night.

Postgame notes: The 'unbelievable' KG - Boston Celtics Blog - ESPN Boston

Maybe most noteworthy on Tuesday were Garnett's fourth-quarter exploits. A short time after the Heat had rallied to within 1, Garnett connected on four consecutive midrange jumpers (knocking down shots from 16 and 18 feet before a pair from 20). Garnett could be seen barking at the Boston bench -- where he actually should have been sitting, according to Rivers, but he was absolutely in the zone and the Celtics couldn't afford to pull him from the game. Garnett hit all six shots he took in the fourth quarter for 12 points. "That was huge," Rivers said. "It was funny because we were about to sub him. I used a timeout because his minutes were low, but he was going on that 12-minutes-in-a-row stretch, which we try to avoid with him. But we had to keep him out on the floor."

He got to open spots and didn't hesitate. Sometimes he looks too much to pass in those situations but I think he understood that the defense was giving him good looks and he was in "the zone" so he might as well keep going with it. Really fun to watch.

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