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Celtics Can Get Home Court In First Round


If you want some fun facts and figures, you have to check out Sean Grande's blog. One thing he mentions is that the Celtics actually have a shot at home court advantage (we've come a long way from worrying about the 7th or 8th seed).

From The Booth: Swoon Over The Miami Game

A win tonight for Boston, moves them legitimately into the 4th spot in the East. It's gone under-reported in Boston that the 4th seed DOES NOT come with automatic home court advantage. For that, the Celtics will have to match at least two of the three teams in front of them, Atlanta, Orlando and Indiana. But they can accomplish two-thirds of that by beating the Hawks in a few hours. The Celtics trail the fading Magic by just 1/2 game now (and already own the tie-breaker), and the Hawks by one game (and would clinch the tie-breaker with a win on Wednesday).


And while tonight is a tough back-to-back against a potential playoff opponent (Atlanta) that hasn't played since Saturday, the Celtics are 8-9 in back-to-back games this year, but 6-0 at home.

Check out Sean's blog for perspective on the Celtics offensive stats from last night.

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