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Pietrus Works Out His Brain, Gives Celtics A Boost

Brain on the treadmill
Brain on the treadmill

Doc Rivers said that he wasn't expecting much out of Mickael Pietrus last night, but when he was playing so well he didn't want to take him out and he got the green light from the training staff so he left him in. When asked about his recovery, Pietrus showed his usual quick wit and quirky sense of humor.

Celtics’ Mickael Pietrus returns from concussion - The Boston Globe

"I was laid up for two weeks,’’ he explained before the game. "Didn’t do much. I was trying to watch TV. I could not do anything physically. "It’s not like an injury like you hurt your knee or your ankle or something like that. It’s your brain. You’ve got to get your brain right, because that’s basically your life.’’ Still, he was able to joke that he was "just trying to get my brain right. Just take the brain out, make it lift weights, put it on the treadmill, put it back in. Fix it.’’

Pietrus is really growing on me lately. I understand that his game is somewhat 2 dimensional, but I like those two dimensions (defense and spot up shooting). When his shots fall - in particular those corner threes, he's a very valuable guy to have on the court. And I enjoy his sense of humor as a bonus. Glad to have him back and ready to contribute and give the other guys some rest.

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