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Bill Simmons Weighs In On Celtics Resurgance


You just knew this column was coming and here it is. The Bill Simmons "I told you so, but I also didn't tell you so, so I'm an idiot but charming because I say 'I'm an idiot' and I'm really just a big fan so here's 2,000 words on my favorite basketball team" article. You could/should go read the whole thing, but here's the conclusion if you are in a hurry.

The Celtics are dominating in year five of the three-year plan - Grantland

It's a swollen list of "what ifs," and just about every one of them went Boston's way. At least for now. You never know with those creaky but lovable basketball contenders. We've reached this specific point six other times in Celtics history. Russell's last two squads ('68 and '69) won consecutive titles while running on fumes. The same thing happened with the last good Havlicek-Cowens team ('76). The last two Bird-McHale-Parish efforts ('91 and '92, two severely underrated teams) fell short because the Legend just couldn't stay healthy. More recently, the 2010 squad came within Perkins's knee injury and Artest's improbable no-no-yes 3 from stealing a championship. Now, the fellas from 2012 are making a run. Nobody saw this coming. And really, that's the single best thing about it.

Yup. Pretty much.

Now I'm just waiting for the inevitable Bob Ryan and Jackie Mac articles (followed up by some Shaughnessy wanna-be taking the devils advocate doom and gloom angle). I love Boston media.

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