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The Legend Of Rajon Rondo Grows

Schooling his former classmate
Schooling his former classmate

I don't even know what to say anymore. Rajon Rondo is just on an incredible roll right now. We've seen him put up incredible numbers in a game before, we've seen him get hot (then cold) before, and we've seen him step up in big situations before. But now he just seems to be doing everything on a consistent basis - and that's what's most impressive to me.

Green Street " Rajon Rondo: ‘We kept fighting despite regardless of the other stuff out there’

In many ways, it was the ugliest of the 19 triple-doubles in the career of Rajon Rondo. But no Celtics fan alive cares that he made just three of his 16 field goal attempts. They’ll live with that when you’re talking about a point guard on a record-setting pace few have ever seen in NBA history. Wednesday, he had 10 points, 10 rebounds and 20 assists to lead the Celtics over the Hawks, 88-86 in overtime at delirious TD Garden. "Putting the ball in the hole, pretty simple," was Rondo’s answer when asked how one goes about getting 20 assists in a game, referring to his teammates. "They were concentrating a little bit more today. I don’t know you got to ask them. I think a lot of them were uncontested shots, we got out, we got stops. We did a great job rebounding and that hasn’t been what we do best but tonight we did an excellent ball rebounding the ball."

Rajon Rondo triples up again -

Perhaps the most impressive part of Rondo’s performance, according to Rivers, was that the guard begged to stay in the game in the fourth quarter. He played 47 minutes, the most for any player last night, in the midst of the Celtics [team stats]’ most grueling stretch of the season. "Just win," Rondo said of his reason for staying on the floor. "I don’t want to be selfish, because if I’m out there tired then I’m not doing what’s good for the team. But I wanted to stay in."

Keep it rolling Rondo. Keep it rolling.

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