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Ray Allen Will Probably Miss New Jersey Game, But Injury Not Serious

Taking a breather and hopefully healing up.
Taking a breather and hopefully healing up.

I think that this might be filed under one of those "he's not seriously injured, but he's banged up enough that it would be better to rest him than risk further damage before the playoffs" type things.

Rivers jockeys with rotation - The Boston Globe

Ray Allen did not travel to Toronto and will "probably’’ miss the trip to New Jersey, according to Rivers. Allen could rejoin the team for Sunday’s game. "It’s not that serious, it’s swelling,’’ Rivers said of Allen’s injured ankle. "I’m concerned when anybody’s injured. It’s not a serious injury, that’s what the doctors keep saying, so that makes me feel better about it.’’

Me too. We're going to need Ray Allen during the playoffs and I'd rather have his legs rested and fresh than tired and hurt. The ankles are something that he's been dealing with since before he ever put on a Celtics uniform and it makes me wonder if they are what will finally end his otherwise endless running through screens and dropping bombs on opponents. Some players fade away, some are forced out.

Ray Allen might play till he's 50 or he might be done sooner than any of us would like. We'll just have to hope for the best (and give him some well timed rest).

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