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What About Bob? Celtics Face The Worst Team Ever

The Charlotte Bobcats have won 7 games this year. Let's let Bill Simmons put that into perspective, shall we?

The totally awesome end to the NBA season - Grantland

Do you realize Charlotte has a chance to finish with the NBA's worst winning percentage ever? The '73 Sixers own the worst 82-game record (9-73); the '99 Grizzlies own the worst strike-shortened record (8-42); and the '48 Providence Steamers set the records for fewest wins (they went 6-42) and most times someone said, "They put a team THERE?" (215,563 times and counting). The Bobcats have blown 50 of their 57 games for a remarkable winning percentage of … (wait for it) … .123.


All the Celtics need for motivation is to read that paragraph. You could call this a trap game, and in years past that might be the case. But for some reason I think this year is different. I think they'll look at this game and decide that they don't want to be the team that loses to this downtrodden franchise. Furthermore, I think that even if the Celtics really, really didn't care and sleepwalked through this whole game, the Bobcats would still find a way to lose, if only out of habit.

So here's your Key Matchup for the game: Kevin Garnett vs. Gino - who's got the better moves?

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