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Wait, Jo Jo White Isn't In The Hall of Fame?

I had no idea that Jo Jo White wasn't in the Hall of Fame. I just sort of assumed that every great Celtic was. Perhaps that's part of the problem. Maybe people think there are too many Celtics in the HOF and they are suffering from the Pippen effect (not given enough credit because of the teammates they played with).

The following article does what it can to make the case for Jo Jo.

The Lowdown Hall of Fame Snubs: Jo Jo White | Hardwood Paroxysm

Jo Jo’s ascension was a tremendous part of that. His scoring rose from 12 ppg his rookie season to 22 his sophomore year and never dipped below 18 until the 1977-78 season. His assist average would settle between 4.5 and 6 during this same span. A deceptively low total for a point guard as great as White, but the Boston offense boasted many fine passers in Cowens, Havlicek and, later, Paul Silas and Paul Westphal. White also brought a stifling, lightning quick defensive pressure in the backcourt.

It goes on to point out that his best work was done in the post-season, including (and especially) the triple overtime greatest-game-in-NBA-history and the rest of that series where he won Finals MVP.

Are there any other Celtics greats deserving to be in the Hall of Fame that aren't there already?

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