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Avery Bradley Finding His Range from 3

Putting the "shooting" into his shooting guard role.
Putting the "shooting" into his shooting guard role.

As noted below by ESPN's Chris Forsberg, Avery Bradley is starting to make nets splash from deep.

No longer an arc nemesis - Boston Celtics Blog - ESPN Boston

Since Ray Allen was first sidelined by right ankle soreness in late March, Bradley has connected on 13 of 25 trifectas over the last 15 games (this after making just 1 of 12 to start the season). What's more, Bradley is 9 of 13 on triples over the past eight games since being reinserted into the starting lineup on April 5 (when Allen agreed to the bench role).

One night after making 3 of 4 shots from beyond the arc in New Jersey, Bradley canned 2 of 3 trifectas in Charlotte, including a clutch triple in transition with five minutes to go that ignited a little run to break apart what had been a four-point game.

The emergence of Bradley's 3-point shot is a testament to the work he's put in. While full-squad practices have been rare this season, not one has passed that hasn't ended with Bradley spending an extended period of time going around the arc (often shooting with teammate Sasha Pavlovic). Clearly all that extra time and effort has started to pay off.

Avery Bradley's emergence only continues to get better huh? I hadn't felt too comfortable about his three point shot as it always seemed to miss just slightly left or right. You could tell that he had the potential because of how smoothly he releases the ball and lift he gets on his shot, but would it ever start falling consistently? Maybe this is just a hot streak, maybe this is a sign of whats more to come. If this is no abberation, Celtics fans have a lot to be excited about because you know what they say, "3 is more than 2." This could also help him slashing toward the basket as defenders would have to respect this shot. It looks like he really loves that right side corner three from looking at his shot chart. Keep them coming over these last five games Avery and stay hot for the playoffs!

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