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Who Would You Rather Have? Stiemsma or Perkins

Who would you rather have getting KG's back?
Who would you rather have getting KG's back?

This is where worlds collide. The sentimentality behind rooting for Kendrick Perkins or supporting the man of the moment Greg Stiemsma. This is a debate that only exists on blogs and forums but that's also kind of what we're here for. So in addition to the 15 page topic currently going on in our forums, the fine folks over at Red's Army decided to make the case for the Stiem-boat.

The Perkins trade revisited, with added Stiemsma perspective - - The Voice Of Boston Celtics Fans

And it's Stiemsma's emergence that sparked this whole idea. Because Greg Stiemsma is a better player than Kendrick Perkins this season. On defense, he's allowing .72 points per possession (ppp) according to Synergy Sports, good for 29th in the league. Perkins is allowing .80 ppp, ranking him 114. Stiemsma is averaging 1.56 blocks per game to Perk's 1.14. Since the All Star game, Stiemsma has blocked 57 shots while Perkins has blocked 27. Perkins is the better 1-on-1 defender (.49 ppp to .92 ppp) but Stiemsma is the better pick-and-roll defender (.38 to .7 ppp).

Personally I don't see it. I'd still rather have Kendrick Perkins for his experience, understanding of the defense, and all around toughness. But I can see the argument on the other side as well.

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