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Rajon Rondo Banged Up But "Fine" After Fall

I'm good.
I'm good.

Rajon Rondo is a tough son of a gun, that much has been made clear. He's also a better player when he's not fighting through a long list of "minor" injuries. So while he says he's "fine" after that scary fall last night, I find this next quote a little concerning.

Rondo OK after hard fall -

Following the game, Rondo looked anything but. In addition to a large collection of ice wrapped over his tailbone, he had another cold bag on his right wrist, conjuring memories of an early-season injury that cost him eight games. "Everything’s re-aggravated at this part of the season," he said. "I landed on(the wrist). I think the second time I went to the basket I fell. It kind of started flaring up and hurting a little bit."

Rondo said that he would play tonight against Orlando, which is good news of course. But I wouldn't consider that a done deal. He could wake up stiff, the training staff might decide that he needs some rest, or Doc himself might decide that he'd rather save him for the playoffs.

"My first impulse was not to play him. I asked him to go to the locker room, and Eddie (Lacerte, the trainer) and him said he was OK to play. But you know what I look at. I look at the playoffs. This game, you know . . . I'd rather have Rondo healthy."

Personally, I say sit him. He played nearly the whole game when the Big 3 were out the other day. He's not an aging vet but he's a vet and he could use the rest.

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