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Red Auerbach Award Prediction: Brandon Bass

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For the last six seasons, the Celtics have awarded a team MVP in honor of Red to "a current player or coach that best exemplifies the spirit and meaning of what it is to be a Celtic. This award is named in honor of the legendary Coach, General Manager and President of the organization - Arnold ‘Red' Auerbach."

With the Big Four and Doc already past recipients, I'd love to see Brandon Bass get some love from the organization tonight. He's gone from coming to the team as "No Pass Bass" and somewhat of an NBA journeyman to now being an integral part of the quest to raise #18. He was never really known as a great defender but in the few months he's spent with Doc and more specifically KG, he's become the Celtics' best on-ball defender. I love his toughness and work ethic in the paint and he has a modesty in his demeanor and his hunger to get better and help the team that exemplifies what it means to be a Celtic. He's voiced his desire to come back to Boston and I hope that happens:

I want to be here a long time playing alongside Rondo, [but] to be honest, I am not that type of guy to even be thinking about things like [the option] because I just try to get better every day.

That sure sounds like a Celtic to me. Red would love this guy. Thanks for the great year, BB.

Honestly, my only reservation about giving Bass the award tonight is that Glen Davis will be in the building. As frustrated as I was with Baby, he had some good stretches when he was in Boston. Who can forget him bowling over that kid in Orlando or drooling as Shrek to Nate's Donkey against the Lakers? I'd feel bad for the big fella to see his LSU counterpart being crowned Mr. Celtic for the day.

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