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Appreciating Rajon Rondo and Kevin Garnett

The two Divos
The two Divos

We know that Rajon Rondo is an odd sort of guy, but we love him just the same. The same could be said of Kevin Garnett. So the contents of this article shouldn't surprise anyone who's been around this site for an extended period of time. With that said, this article was well written and is chock full of excellent quotes, so I require you to go read it immediately if you haven't already done so. I'll wait here.

Ok, ok, if you must have a quote, here's the end of the article. But don't be lazy. Click, read, enjoy.

On Rajon Rondo, and his status in that unique Boston locker room | Ball Don't Lie - Yahoo! Sports

"We've got to glorify and appreciate what he is and stop talking about what he's not." We might feel that we don't know all that much of who Rondo is, but it's becoming more and more clear that the answers are right in front of us. We know that he has a feel for the game that cannot be taught. We know that his teammates trust in him to make the right call. That his coach considers him an extension of the coaching staff. That he would rather play with a dislocated elbow than have to watch helplessly from the sideline. He will do anything, everything, to win. We know these things. Rondo knows the most important thing: his role. He might not play into the image of what we'd like him to be, but he plays his position as a leader to perfection. That's really all we have to know.

Another random thing I thought of when reading that article: Keyon Dooling would be a great assistant coach. Well spoken, great locker room guy, just not a very productive player any more.

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