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Top Grooming Moments in Celtics History

Quisy is carrying on a tradition of awesome Celtics hair
Quisy is carrying on a tradition of awesome Celtics hair

Taking a break from the norm here, the fine folks from Adidas had a nice idea for a post. The top "grooming" moments in Celtics history (meaning hair or facial hair). I thought I'd count down the top 5 moments based on my very scientific process of what made me giggle the most. Hope you enjoy (after the break).

5 - Chris Ford - the 'Stache

I just picture Chris Ford listening to Yacht Rock singing "Saaaaaaailing, sailing awaaaaaay!"


4 - Dwayne Schintzius (RIP) - vanilla spike

He didn't have the mega-mullet he sported on draft night, but this was pretty good too.


3 - Ricky Davis - afro

This just works on so many levels for me. Love the afro, love the goatee, love the carefree way he just doesn't care. I don't know if anything embodied the pre-Big-3 era more.


2 - Pervis Ellison/Marquis Daniels - respect the dreads


1 - Larry Bird - because Larry Legend is simply a legend.

The whole package. Priceless.


Honorable mention: Dee Brown's pointy hightop fade, Scot Pollards lamb chops, Eric Montross' flat top, and Bill Russell's beard/goatee.

Bonus: Oh, and I can't finish this off without a head nod to Tommy Heinsohn, who went from a flat top as a player, to this as a coach. I love it.


Did I miss anyone? Feel free to share in the comments. Thanks.

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