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Rivers gets emotional during postgame Pat Summitt tribute

Pat Summitt has touched a lot of people's lives -- and count Doc Rivers as one of them.
Pat Summitt has touched a lot of people's lives -- and count Doc Rivers as one of them.

The Celtics had just beaten the Orlando Magic, 102-98.

They had just clinched the Atlantic Division for the fifth time in five years, too.

But after the win, and during his postgame press conference, there was something else on Doc Rivers' mind that had nothing to with the Celtics.

Earlier today, a coaching legend, Pat Summitt, announced her retirement as head coach of the Tennessee Lady Vols due to health reasons -- early-onset Alzheimer's disease. That hit Rivers hard, and prompted him to close out the press conference with an emotional tribute to her.

Fighting back tears, Rivers had this to say:

"I want to finish with Pat Summitt. Retired. (long pause to gather himself) She's a neat lady. I got to know her a little bit. And I just think it's really sad, in a lot of ways. Not basketball, but everything. So, I didn't want to get emotional; I'm an emotional person. And when you see a giant like that leave the game, and leave the game because of health, it's just sad.

"But she is responsible for women's basketball. But she's not just a women's basketball coach, she's a great coach. And you know, I'm in this, and the longer I'm in this I just realize how much coaching means to all of us. You think about it today: Pat Summitt is retiring at her age, and Larry Brown is taking a job at his age. And it just tells you how much it's in your blood, how much you love it. And for her not to be able to do it, for me is very sad."

And that, more than tonight's win -- or any win -- sums up Doc Rivers.

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