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Gerald Green's Fall and Recent Rise

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Take a little break from your day and check out this great read on Gerald Green by Jonathan Abrams on

The improbable return to the NBA for the New Jersey Nets' Gerald Green - Grantland

The Celtics rejoiced when Green tumbled to them at the 18th selection in the 2005 draft. Green stewed. He thought he would be a lottery pick, and his advisors told him not to work out against other prospects. He had expected to go to Portland with the third overall pick. But Portland traded the selection to Utah for three draft picks and the Jazz chose Deron Williams.

I will never forget that 2005 draft when Gerald fell into Danny Ainge's lap at 17. My friends and I were 16 years old freaking out pick after pick as the Celtics' chances increased to snag him. By the time the Pacers were up at 16, not only was Gerald on the board, a perfect alternative in Danny Granger was there as well. I'd have been fine with Granger, but I really wanted this GREEN guy. Perfect name right? He was also selected between 3 and 5 in almost every mock out there and was compared to the likes of TMAC and Kobe. We got our wish and the Pacers took Granger.

The rest is history and although Green's Celtic career didn't go so well, the only team hurt by this was Minnesota. KG came to Boston with Gerald being a big piece in this deal and Banner 17 flew a year later. I am very happy for Gerald Green, though, as he really seems to have gotten his head on straight and it looks like he could become a fixture in this league. The sky and then some is the limit for Gerald and I hope he continues to do his thing while either helping the Nets or another team become a contender.

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