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Rondo Shines Brightest When Lights Are On

Divo at work.
Divo at work.

No wonder Kevin Garnett likes to call him a "divo" (I guess that's the male version of "diva"). Rondo is pretty hard to predict but when the lights go on, he's a superstar.

Green Street " Rajon Rondo: ‘I just tried to go out there and be great’

Rondo said he does not pay particular attention to the national spotlight, despite the fact that 14 of his career 18 triple-doubles have come on national TV. "I think my teammates put a spotlight on me more than the media or the televised games," Rondo said. "Four or five guys came up to me today and told me to be aggressive and show what a great point guard is. So I just tried to go out there and just be great." "Yeah, we’re just going to tell him we’re playing on ABC every day," Rivers joked. "One of the things going in the game today: we told Rondo that we needed him to be a scorer. Not necessarily a playmaker; a scorer. And I thought he set the tone at the beginning of the game by doing that, and I thought that loosened it up for everybody else to get into the game. He was terrific.

Like I said, all the playoff games ARE on national TV. Enough said.

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