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Going Over The Pick To Cover Rajon Rondo: Bad Idea


Erik Spoelstra decided to try something a little different against the Celtics on Sunday and needless to say it didn't work.

Miami’s Failed Experiment | NBA Playbook

Multiple Celtic possessions featured Rondo galloping into the paint unmolested, a trend that helped a rather pedestrian Boston offense suddenly look invincible despite the absence of Ray Allen. Most have pointed to Erik Spoelstra’s decision to go over the top of any Rondo pick and rolls as the primary culprit. But in the NBA, it is important to remember two very important keys. First; pick and roll defense is always based off who is involved and in what area of the floor. The second is that on the NBA level, whatever the coverage is, a team is always going to be giving something up...

Greg Popovich has made an amazing career of using the regular season in a way that better prepares his teams for the post season. Spoelstra's decision is in that same vein. Should Miami go to war with Boston in a playoff series this spring, the Heat are now better prepared to stop them.

Well, I suppose that's one way to look at it. Before we start comparing Spoelstra to Pops, let's at least ask the question "why didn't they make an adjustment during the game (at least at halftime)?" With that said, click the link and read the rest of their article for some good highlights and analysis.

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