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Concern Over Ray Allen Growing; Stiemsma's Foot Hurting

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You might question why the Celtics would be so concerned about injuries and health right now. After all, Ray Allen almost played in a game the other day, Rajon Rondo's fall looked scary but he still finished the game, and you get a general feel that if the playoffs started tomorrow you would see most of (if not all of) the team available to play.

With that said, Doc Rivers put up a red flag of sorts on Ray Allen in an interview on CSNNE (via Red's Army).

Your Morning Dump... Where Doc's concern about Ray is growing -

Dickerson: Where's your concern level now with Ray Allen?

Doc: Well, It's growing because the playoffs are coming closer and he's yet to play. When that happens, then it grows. We just he can get it back, and feel great and healthy on the floor.

If Doc is worried then I'm worried. All we can do is wait and hope that he gets better with some time to rest. Speaking of which, Greg Stiemsma had to come out of the game last night.

Stiemsma: "I'll be all right"

"Greg's foot was bothering him, so we pulled him," Rivers said. After the game, Stiemsma said both of his feet have been bothering him lately, with the left one - the one with plantar fasciitis - bothering him more on Friday. "It's just been a lot of games, a lot of minutes and not a lot of days off so it all kind of adds up," Stiemsma said. "But I'll be all right."

I wonder if this is the real reason that we signed Sean Williams - for added insurance just in case Greg can't get his body healthy enough to keep playing. There were also reports that the Celtics (and Bulls) kicked the tires on Mehmet Okur before deciding that he was too hurt to play.

Rest. That's all the advice I have for the Celtics right now.

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