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A Premature "I Told You So" - Reviewing My Celtics Preview

I get by with a little help from my friends.
I get by with a little help from my friends.

Think back to October. We didn't even know if there was going to be a basketball season. Our last memories of the Celtics were Rondo's arm hanging by a thread and the rest of the team getting run over by the way-too-athletic Miami Heat. Let us just say that optimism wasn't at an all time high (and it would only get worse as the season began).

Some of us are just glass half full types. Optimists, die hards, or perhaps even blind faith-ers, or something like that. Whatever you call it, we just believe. Here's what I said in my season preview.

Do the Celtics have a legit chance to win a title this year?

I believe so, yes. It is probably the smallest chance they've had since the Big 3 were brought together, but I'll never count this team out in the playoffs. They need a lot of help to get them to the playoffs and it isn't clear where that help will come from, but if things fall right and we can stay relatively healthy, I'll take my chances against anyone.

Relatively healthy? Check (knock on wood and holding my breath for Ray Allen).

Help from unexpected places? Check (thanks to Avery Bradley and Greg Stiemsma among others).

I can't say I had the highest hopes in January, but I've always had the same sliver of hope. Just wait till the playoffs and see what happens.

Still, I can't really say "I told you so" with a straight face since the team hasn't actually won a single postseason game yet. But just like in October, I'll take my chances against anyone.

Blow it up? Please, the Celtics will be the ones blowing stuff up. Fire in the hole!

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