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Tuesday Heat Game The Battle Of Who Could Care Less

Don't expect to see this man or his fingers on Tuesday.
Don't expect to see this man or his fingers on Tuesday.

Boston vs. Miami is always a great battle. Two sides that have great talent and great desire to win. Great for TV and great for fans. Right? Well, most nights, sure, but probably not this Tuesday.

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After losing to the Celtics in Boston and losing to them again in what was supposed to be a payback game in Miami, the Heat really, really want to win this one. But it’s likely this will more closely resemble a preseason game, with both sides getting people rest in preparation for the start of the playoffs.

The Heat, as it turns out, are doing the same thing as the Celtics in terms of resting starters. Except they did it wrong, playing Dwayne Wade last night and watching him dislocate his finger in the process. This is a good enough reason alone not to play our stars for the next few games.

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His injury was ironic because coach Erik Spoelstra has made getting healthy a priority late in the regular season. As a result, LeBron James sat out for only the second time this season Saturday, and Chris Bosh was also rested. James was active but had been told he wouldn't play. When Wade departed, James got taped in preparation for entering the game. "He was overzealous," Spoelstra said with a smile. "We quickly got him on the same page about it. ... You have to mentally prepare to play. That wasn't the situation for him to go in."

The Heat went on to lose a close game to the Wizards (who have been playing well of late, ...but are still the Wizards). I'll take a "statement loss" that demoralizes a possible first round opponent over an injury and still losing to a lottery team any day of the week.

Oh, and I'll take my chances with our reserves up against Miami's reserves anyway.

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