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Sean Williams Is "Brilliant Smart" But "Does Dumb Things"

Brilliantly Dumb?
Brilliantly Dumb?

I never followed Sean Williams at Boston College or at his various stints in the NBA and other leagues. All I knew was that he had some off-court issues that involved weed. So it was a bit of a surprise to see that the Celtics signed him and I didn't know what we were getting. I still can't say that I have a great feel for him (that only comes with time and even then, we're viewing from afar here), but this article by Gary Washburn does a lot to shed light on the guy. (Read the whole thing when you have time)

Sean Williams gets second chance with Celtics - The Boston Globe

"I talked to everyone,’’ Rivers said when asked whether he contacted NBA people who knew Williams. "I talked to nine coaches, assistant coaches, ex-players who played with him, because my locker room is unbelievable and I don’t want to bring in anyone, even if it was for five days, that’ll upset that. "The one thing they all say is that he’s not just smart, he’s brilliant smart, but he does dumb things and we have to get him away from that, and [to] just being a ballplayer. That’s what he has to view himself as, and if he can do that, he has a chance.’’

Consider me intrigued. The situations aren't the same, but Delonte West was a troubled guy that found some success returning to Boston. If Williams has matured, as is suggested (perhaps optimistically) in the article, then it does sound like he could be a contributor in the coming years. If not, then the risk is minimal due to the low cost of his contract. Time will tell.

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