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Practice? We Talkin' 'Bout Practice? (Celtics Gear Up For Playoffs)

Oh my, I don't think any of these guys actually knows what a floppy screen is.
Oh my, I don't think any of these guys actually knows what a floppy screen is.

Practice is essential for any team to improve and mesh as a cohesive unit. Ask any great player from the past; be it Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan - they all preach the importance of practice. Yes, even the infamous Allen Iverson would later go to great lengths to backtrack from his "practice" rant.

So it is all that much more surprising that this team has been able to come so far in the second half of the year with only games and shootarounds to work on their craft. With the season winding down and with the stretched out schedule of the playoffs coming up, you can bet that the coaching staff and players are chomping at the bit to get some practice time in.

Celtics don’t mind getting some rest -

Avery Bradley, a Celtic who has built significant personal momentum over the last month, is looking forward to an actual practice. "We need to work on everything — go in the gym and stay healthy," said Bradley. "We know if we execute, everything else will work itself out. I feel like that’s good for us. "Guys will be able to get rest, and we’ll be able to get in the gym and get practices in."

"There's so many things we can get done now. We'll be putting stuff in for the playoffs, and we'll also be taking out the things that didn't work. We'll be putting in new things. And my (coaching staff) will be doing more."

It is kind of funny when you think about it. They are so accustomed to game after game that I'm not sure they are going to know what to do with themselves in the playoffs where they might have 4 days between games sometimes because of the TV schedules. I can only imagine that this team will be that much better with rest and time to gameplan for each opponent.

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