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Mini-Rant On Celtics (Lack Of) Rebounding

Get the ball!
Get the ball!

The Celtics are dead last in team rebounding. 30th place. The Charlotte Bobcats aren't better than anyone at anything, yet they get more rebounds than we do.

Yes, yes. I know that Doc Rivers has made a tactical decision to get back on defense rather than fight for offensive rebounds. That does not, however, excuse them for doing a poor job on the defensive rebounds (where, to be fair, they rank in the middle of the league). Ok, ok, we've had some injuries to our centers. But enough excuses.

There are just some maddening moments when you can just tell that this team doesn't value rebounding. In the 3rd period of tonight's game there were two plays close together that prompted this mini-rant. First, the team worked hard on defense forcing Battier in to an off-balance desperation heave from the elbow. Everyone watched the ball, slack-jawed as it BOUNCED to the free throw line where a Heat player picked it up and started with a fresh 24 second clock (resulting in a dunk).

Shortly after that two Celtics (I think it was Hollins and Sasha) were standing flat footed side by side facing the basket when a Heat player squeezed between them and grabbed a rebound. Inexcusable!

Rebounding is about effort and hustle. It isn't as if this team lacks in hustle. When you work your tail off on defense, call out picks, fight over screens, switch, communicate with teammates, rotate, rotate, rotate, and jump into passing lanes...

...and then watch as the ball goes up and take a mental break as it bounces off the rim and ONLY THEN decide to start moving in the vague general direction of the basket. That's insane.

Get. The. Ball. It isn't rocket science.

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