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Pur'duo Turning Heads During Meaningful Win for Celtics

Pur'duo Turning Heads
Pur'duo Turning Heads

Purdue boys JaJuan Johnson and E'Twaun Moore answer questions about playing together now in Boston after contributing to a win over the Heat last.

Johnson, Moore run the floor like old times

Assessing One Another Then and Now

Johnson: "I think [E’Twaun] has slowed down a lot. His ball handling has got a lot better. He’s been running the sets, he gets people more organized, and everything like that. It’s been good just to see that from him."

Moore: "I see [JaJuan] has definitely got a little stronger, more physical. That was definitely a step up. He’s always learning more. … That (Johnson was called for an offensive foul) was what he needed, a little physical."

You can never have a problem with former college teammates (who had successful, winning careers together I might add) rekindling on the floor together in the NBA. Just from watching, you can tell that they each know one another's games quite well. Although playing time has been an issue, when given the chance, JaJuan has shown that he can score and block shots in this league. With added beef and more knowledge on the defensive side of the ball, he can be a very solid contributor if not starter in the future.

E'Twaun has all the makings of a classic backup point guard in this league. Some say he is ready for that role here in just season number one. He reminds me a of a stronger offensive, weaker defensive Erick Strickland (a favorite of mine during his time in Boston.) He's very steady with the ball, can score, and shoots the 3 particularly well. Both of these Purdue boys should earn spots in the rotation next season with some solid work over the summer. If so, many Purdue fans will certainly be hopping on a Boston Celtic bandwagon!

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