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Rajon Rondo Is The NBA Assists Champ

Looking to pass, as always.
Looking to pass, as always.

Rajon Rondo needed just a half a game to record 15 assists and extended his streak of games in which he recorded double digit assists to 24. Doing so secured his place at the top of the assists leaderboard for the year. He finished with an 11.7 per game average, beating out Steve Nash who finished with 10.7 per game. Last year Nash beat out Rondo with 11.4 to Rajon's 11.2.

Rondo becomes the first Celtic to lead the league in assists since the great Bob Cousy did it in 1959-60.

I'm very proud of our young star point guard. He's always had the talent to do this but he seems to have found out the key to producing on a consistent basis, which is the key to taking that next step.

More on Rondo's accomplishment.

And now for the playoffs, ...where Rondo really shines. Giddyup.

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