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Flip Saunders At Today's Practice

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Bulpett is reporting that Flip Saunders, the former head coach of the Timberwolves, Pistons, and most recently, the hapless Washington Wizards, is at Celtics' practice today. Bulpett's tweet specifically says that Flip had luggage with him and plans to be with the Celtics for awhile, but maybe it should have read "baggage" instead because Flip definitely comes with some "baggage."

He had some success with KG in their final years in Minnesota and with Detroit before the Celtics knocked them out in 2008 but since then, he struggled in DC and was fired at the beginning of the season. He may have failed with the Wizards, but he's got a good relationship with Garnett and has done well with veteran teams. He's known around the league as a good offensive mind and teaming up with Doc (who's also a great X's and O's guy) only strengthens the brain trust. It's hard to speculate what this means, but adding another assistant or consultant or whatever the Celtics are calling him is a curious move. Do the Celtics really need help with their offense? Are Doc and Danny giving Flip a tryout for next season or are they just trying to help out an old coaching vet get a job next year a la Lawrence Frank?

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