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SBNation NBA Playoffs Previews - Rock, Paper, Scissors


Andrew Sharp gives an interesting take on the way the East might shake out. It simplifies the situation for the sake of a short-hit analysis, but it is hard to argue with.

Your 2012 NBA Playoffs Preview: Knicks-Heat In Round One, Nostalgia Forever -

The problem with the Celtics is, they've proven they can play with Miami, but they have to get that far first. Even if Rose isn't 100 percent, the Bulls are so deep and so athletic that they can harass Boston for an entire series and still will. Chicago's every bit as tough, they play the same defense Thibs first installed in Boston, only they do it with younger, more athletic players, and a much deeper rotation. So among the East Contenders, it looks like rock-paper-scissors:

  • Boston can beat Miami
  • Miami can beat Chicago
  • Chicago can beat Boston

The way the seeding's shaken out, Boston's scissors are going to get crushed by Chicago's rock before they ever have the chance to go after Miami's paper. (For the record, I hope Rondo makes this section look ridiculous and averages a 15-20-12 all playoffs long on the way to the NBA Finals.)

I obviously think we CAN beat Chicago, but I have to admit that they are the team I worry about the most in the East.

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