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Ray Allen Will Eventually Need Ankle Surgery

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The Ray news is sounding eerily like 2009 Garnett and 2011 Shaq. Coupled with The Captain's retirement sentiments yesterday and Greg Dickerson's interview with The Big 4, this off-season could be a major overhaul, but that's this summer. With Ray potentially missing the first couple of games this series, the Celtics will need something from Pietrus and Pavlovic. The bright side is that both players are better than average on defense and Joe Johnson will see a revolving door of fresh defenders that will also include Avery and PP. However, Ray's offense is critical or more accurately, the threat of Ray's offense is critical. Whether he's hitting a dagger three or not, opposing teams have to always be aware where RA is on the floor at all times. As Doc says:

Pierce ready for Hawks series, Allen uncertain

Whether he has rhythm or can make shots, the game will dictate that. Our guys will dictate that. But I'd like to see him on the floor because like I said, rhythm or no rhythm if I tell Ray to stand in the corner, someone's going to stand next to him and that creates spacing for us.

The idea that Ray will need off-season surgery doesn't bode well for his availability for this post-season. If surgery is inevitable, my concern is that all the rest in the world isn't going to help and even if he does step on the court at some point in May, the swelling will flare up and he'll be back to street clothes and cortisone shots. Furthermore, I'm also worried that the pain in his ankles doesn't even compare to the pain that Ray feels about Danny almost trading him to Memphis for O.J. Mayo and a pick. Only time will tell.

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