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Celtics' Only True Center Staying Agressive: "The Steamboat"


It looks like the Celtics' "starting Center" has a great nickname for his backup who is holding his own for the second unit.

Stiemsma enjoying ride with Celtics - Brockton, MA - The Enterprise

Garnett is now calling the rookie “Steamboat,’’ and coach Doc Rivers is constantly encouraging Stiemsma to stay aggressive, even as the fouls pile up. Stiemsma has fouled out of the past two games and had five in a win over the Utah Jazz last week.

“It’s all part of the game,’’ he said. “Fouls are going to happen, especially being a shot blocker and knowing I’m going to put myself in a situation to get fouls called even more.

“If they call them, there’s nothing you can do. Just keep playing through it. That’s why you get six of them.’’

"The Steamboat" huh KG? I kind of like it. What I like more is the way that he has played for this bench recently and what he brings to this team. "The Steamboat" is purely a shotblocker at all costs and this one part of his game pretty much defines him as a player. His job out there is to block shots and this type of player is something we haven't really seen in this Celtic era. His timing is impeccable at times and although he has been fouling, he should be warranted to do so because he is coming off the bench. Its not as if we are saving him for the end of the game because that is when the starters play. Although I was a big Wilcox fan, I am becoming a serious believer in "The Steamboat.

Note: It was also reported by Bulpett and others on twitter that KG was working extensively with Ryan Hollins (who was "listening intently.")

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