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Kevin Garnett Takes Ryan Hollins To School

soaking it all in
soaking it all in

Call it another casualty of the lockout, but the too few practices means much fewer opportunities for stuff like this to occur. Kevin Garnett pulled Ryan Hollins aside for 20 minutes after practice and gave him a crash course in advanced NBA post-work. It is probably some of the best lessons he's gotten since entering the league (no disrespect meant of Hollins' former coaches).

Celtics Tuesday practice report: Kevin Garnett teaches Ryan Hollins captivating lesson - Framingham, MA - The MetroWest Daily News

Garnett drilled the youngster, taking him through a series of back-down post moved in which he banged him in the chest and thrust him off balance. Garnett then took off his sneakers to use as props in a post-play demonstration, and proceeded to go through the next 15 minutes of drills in socks with brace around one ankle, while Hollins maintained the high tops. Garnett prodded Hollins, chided him at times, and swore up a storm. He challenged him to reach deep within himself for that little extra as he tired, and flicked him in the face, stomach - and below the stomach - as he shared some of the tricks you learn while plying you trade for 16 years. At every turn, Hollins nodded, thanked Garnett for the advice, and asked for more even if there were parts of him desperate to leave the court after two hours of workouts.

It is noteworthy (as Souza points out) that Hollins soaked it all in. If you don't pay close attention, that's the last KG will have of you and you won't last long in Boston (see O'Bryant, Patrick for one I'm told).

You can't help but wonder what KG would be able to do with these youngsters with a whole season of actual practices (not to mention a training camp and preseason). Add it to the number of reasons why it would be a good idea to bring KG back next year if it is at all financially possible.

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