Net Result of Rondo's Mistake

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Rondo did screw up. Yes he tripped a little, but also stuck his chest out. It is virtually impossible, given all the press about this, that he won't be suspended 1 game. (It won't be more than that... that would be self-defeating for the league. It's a business.)

But no Rondo for Game 2 does not = Loss. Here's the thing..... Teams, like people in general, often do the opposite of what everyone expects them to do. This is a huge challenge for the rest of the team, and they know it. They also know that they let the Hawks embarrass them in front of the whole world.

Net result? Probably one really-ticked-off crew.

Net result of that? I will not be surprised if the Celtics come ROARING back and WASTE Atlanta on Tuesday.

And then all this noise will disappear. All we ever needed was to steal one in Atlanta.

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