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A Brief Look Around The NBA

We interrupt this constant coverage of the Boston Celtics to bring you a few notes from around the league (viewed through green tinted glasses of course).

The Miami Heat licked their wounds and went out and beat the Sixers - which is fine by me.

Daily Dime - ESPN

The Heat have a rather one-sided relationship going with the 76ers. They seem to use their peers from Philadelphia like an old rag, wiping away their troubles and struggles so they can feel better about themselves. It's been going like this for two years now, dating back to the Heat getting their first win in the "big three" era after a bad start. Then using the Sixers as a pivot point to start their playoff run. Now relying on them to be this season's ultimate slumpbuster.

Meanwhile, New York lost to our potential first round matchup the Pacers.

New York Knicks vs. Indiana Pacers - Recap - April 03, 2012 - ESPN

The matchup was reminiscent of the classic Pacers-Knicks games from the 1990s. The crowd was electric, the action was chippy, Reggie Miller jerseys were plentiful, and Indiana rallied from a seemingly hopeless deficit to win.

And predictably, the Calipari to New York rumors have already started.

That didn’t take long: Let the Calipari to the Knicks rumors begin | ProBasketballTalk

In honesty, the buzz had started before Kentucky won the national championship, before the NCAA Tournament had even started. John Calipari — maybe the ultimate players’ coach — was going to be in the running for the New York Knicks job. Over at Yahoo Adrian Wojnarowski writes about how the job is a perfect setup for Calipari.

Oh, and Andrew Bynum is now the new "talented head case" in the media now that Rondo is no longer percieved to be on the trading block.

Reportedly fined by Lakers, Bynum sits to rest left ankle - NBA -

Brown had little else to say about Bynum, beyond claiming he has no problems with his 7-footer's recent history of interesting behavior. Brown refused to confirm ESPN's report Bynum was fined by the team for an accumulation of behavioral transgressions, although the first-year coach didn't deny it, either. "It was an internal matter, and it was handled internally," Brown said. "We have dealt with it internally, and we'll move on."

All in all not a bad day.

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