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Now Doc Says Ray Allen Could Come Off Bench After All

This is becoming a little comical. Everyone seems to want to see Avery Bradley continue to start while bringing a recovered Ray Allen off the bench as a super-sub. Yet yesterday there were reports that Ray Allen would start when he got back. Ok, no big deal, it was worth discussing the idea but we'll see how it goes. It isn't like we didn't like Ray Allen. We just didn't want to mess with a good thing right now.

But wait, now there are reports that Doc would consider using Ray off the bench.

Allen might not start - The Boston Globe

However, the Celtics have compiled a five-game winning streak while Allen recovers from an ankle injury, and coach Doc Rivers said the coaching staff has considered bringing Allen off the bench. "We think about stuff like that all the time, no doubt,’’ Rivers said after Tuesday’s practice. "That, and other guys. We’ll see how it goes. Maybe it will be somebody else, we’ll see.’’Rivers acknowledged Allen might not start. "We've talked about it,'' Rivers said.

Allen said he would accept a bench role.

"Whatever we need to do as a team,'' Allen said. "I think the effort that I've seen over the last week and a half, two weeks, is great. Whatever combinations we work out there, we're all good enough, we're all professional enough, to understand it. We know our plays. We're at a point in the season where everybody knows who each other is. So, remembering plays and positions is second nature now for all of us.''

It is funny because this is starting to seem like a quarterback controversy, except that you can play both guys and both can help you. If anything these are great problems to have. At this point, I'm not sure I care who starts as long as Ray is healthy and Avery doesn't lose the groove he's been in lately.

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