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Stop Me When You've Heard This Before: Rough Schedule Ahead

Chin up Bass
Chin up Bass

The Celtics had an easy schedule in the first half of the year and didn't take advantage of it. They had a West Coast trip that should have been back breaking but managed to galvanize the team. What they do with this next stretch could very well define their season.

Crucial stretch ahead for C's - Boston Celtics Blog - ESPN Boston

When everyone talked about the dreaded, eight-game road trip in March as being the toughest part of the Celtics’ schedule, Doc Rivers said that he always dissented. He asked one and all, "Have you all looked at what lies before us in April?" Wednesday night’s game against San Antonio starts what could be a season-defining stretch for the Celtics of 11 games in 15 days. Eight of those games are against teams that now would make the playoffs and they all are back-to-backs. The other three are on consecutive nights, all on the road, in Toronto, New Jersey and Charlotte. Who made out this schedule, Pat Riley and Mitch Kupchak?

The Spurs on the other hand won early and often and built themselves a nice cushion. Doc is jealous of them in that.

Ray Allen prepared to give it a shot -

"The advantage they have is they got off to that great start, so they had a cushion," Rivers said. "We did the exact opposite, so we used our cushion up. It would have been great to have gotten off to a start like that, and honestly I thought we would, and that’s where I was wrong. We didn’t come in in great condition, so we fell behind. "It would have been nice to have five more wins right now. This (stretch) wouldn’t be that daunting. Now we’re trying to fight to move up in the standings, so it’s a little harder. But if I think it’s hurting us to a point where it could affect us in the playoffs, I’ll sit guys. We’ll just end up where we end up."

Celtics Schedule

Next 5 Games

San Antonio Wed 04/04 7:30 PM EDT
@ Chicago Thu 04/05 9:30 PM EDT
@ Indiana Sat 04/07 7:00 PM EDT
Philadelphia Sun 04/08 6:00 PM EDT
@ Miami Tue 04/10 7:00 PM EDT

Last 5 Games

Miami Sun 04/01 W 91 - 72
@ Minnesota Fri 03/30 W 100 - 79
Utah Wed 03/28 W 94 - 82
@ Charlotte Mon 03/26 W 102 - 95
Washington Sun 03/25 W 88 - 76

Here we go.

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