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Kevin Garnett and Tim Duncan Appreciated By Coaches

Kevin Garnett and Tim Duncan go way back, and their coaches both have a lot of appreciation for what they do.

Ray Allen returns to the starting lineup for Celtics - The Boston Globe

"He’s like Timmy. He’s like fine wine,’’ Popovich said of Garnett. "They figure out what they need to do. They’re intelligent people. They know what they do well. They know what they possibly don’t do as well as they used to, and so they figure out new ways to do things. They both have high basketball IQs and you see them both having very good seasons.

New age of dinosaurs with Kevin Garnett, Tim Duncan -

"They’re so different in the way they play, but they are very similar in the way they approach the game," said Celtics coach Doc Rivers. "They’re as professional as we’ve seen for stars, maybe ever, at the same time. You rarely get two superstars at their level who are as coachable and as team-oriented as those two guys, and they do it completely different ways. "Tim talks more than you think, but you don’t see it," he said. "Kevin on the floor, you see all his stuff. Yet they still do it for the same reason."

We also touched on this subject in my back and forth with Pounding the Rock.

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