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Ray Allen Starts; Avery Bradley Fits In Nicely As 6th Man

Great to have Ray back.
Great to have Ray back.

So after all that, the starting lineup looks the same and Avery Bradley's recent surge in production didn't drop off one bit.

Allen starts, Bradley stars - Boston Celtics Blog - ESPN Boston

"It’s what I tried to tell you guys before: Starter or not, [Bradley is] going to play the same," Rivers said. "And he was terrific." Said Bradley of his reserve role: "It doesn’t matter where I come in, whether I start or come off the bench -- or if I don’t play. However I can help my team, just coming in and bringing that energy, that’s what I’m going to do."

His presence a welcome sight - The Boston Globe

But this game was a reminder of how important Allen’s presence at the 3-point line is to the Celtics in the half-court offense, especially in crunch time. The Celtics found a winning rhythm without Allen, though those games were played at a different pace than Wednesday’s contest. Against the Spurs, the Celtics received a sample of a playoff pace - especially in the second half, as the lane was clogged and the game became a shootout from the perimeter. The Spurs treated Allen as if he were maintaining his career-best 3-point percentage, which he is.

Sounds like the best of both worlds. If Paul's shot falls last night then I don't think we'd have much to complain about (you know, aside from the usual reboundings and stuff like that).

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