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Gerald Green: From NBA to Siberia And Back


There will always be a fascination with Gerald Green around these parts. He was electric with his athleticism and we thought he had the skill to shoot lights out, but he was a dim bulb and eventually short circuited his way out of town and out of the league.

In case you lost track, here's where he's been the last few years.

Gerald Green makes most of opportunity with New Jersey Nets - Chris Mannix -

After two seasons, the Celtics shipped him to Minnesota in the Kevin Garnett trade. From there, Green bounced from Minnesota to Houston to Dallas before playing himself out of the league after the 2008-09 season. "In Boston, I thought the sky was the limit for me," Green said. "Then, suddenly, nobody wanted me." Green went to Russia, where he spent two years playing for consonant-heavy teams in Krasnodar and Samara. It was basketball Siberia. No, really, Green played some of his road games in Siberia. "That's a different kind of cold," Green said.

Now he's back playing in the NBA for the hapless Nets. He still does Gerald Green type stuff, but he's more mature now and showing that his talent is worth taking a chance on - at least for a rebuilding team. I wish him the best of luck.

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