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Players React to Rivers' Criticisms

Going hard(?)
Going hard(?)

Doc Rivers called his players out for being "too cool" and not enough effort. Kevin Garnett didn't see it that way (maybe because he's always going hard) but will defer to the coach.

Celtics’ Garnett stunned at Rivers’s tirade - The Boston Globe

"That’s disappointing, he said that to us,’’ Garnett said. "I’m out there on the floor, I don’t think nobody is out there playing [with less effort] or [half-hearted]. Maybe he assessed something different. "The coaches obviously have to get us going, put us in the right position to obviously go out and execute the game plan, but if that’s what he saw, that’s what he saw. I can’t go off that. I just have to prepare to play as hard as I can, be ready to play.’’

Pierce on the other hand, did see what the coach saw.

"We didn't match their energy level,'' he said. "They came out with more purpose. We didn't show a sense of urgency in this game. I don't know if it was tired legs or mental weakness, but we didn't come out and put this team away when we were up 11. I don't know if it's the worst loss [of the season], but we are disappointed whenever we lose. It's a tough one.''

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