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NBA Notes: Bradley Will Start, Bynum Is Immature, Spurs On Top

Looks like the Avery Bradley era is continuing tonight.

Bradley to start tonight vs. Pacers -Celtics blog - Boston Globe basketball news

Celtics coach Doc Rivers said this morning that Avery Bradley will start tonight against the Indiana Pacers and Ray Allen will come off the bench. Bradley may have his toughest challenge as a starter in opposing Indiana swingman Paul George, who is 6-feet-8.

Andrew Bynum is still doing Andrew Bynum type things.

Andrew Bynum’s "two steps up, one step back" dance with maturity continues | ProBasketballTalk

Andrew Bynum’s edge has come out a lot in recent weeks — most recently in a silly ejection in the Lakers Friday night loss to the Rockets. He picked up an early technical and was clearly frustrated with physical play from Samuel Dalembert. The Lakers coaches warned him he had a tech and to keep his cool. But he couldn’t — after one play he jawed at the Rockets bench and the refs hit him with a second technical. He wasn’t there when the Lakers needed him late (his defense really wasn’t there all night, he had taken a mental vacation).

The Pacers beat the Thunder last night, which gave the Spurs (who just beat the Celtics) a slight lead in the West.

Spurs move percentage points ahead of Thunder into West’s top spot | ProBasketballTalk

It’s kind of been a foregone conclusion since a month into the season that the Thunder would be the top seed in the West and that all roads to the finals were going through Oklahoma City. But that road may have a detour now through San Antonio.

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