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TiqIQ ScoreBig Special: Celtics vs. Hawks

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Sponsored Post by TiqIQ

Make an offer on 4-star deal behind the baskets for Celtics vs. Hawks next Wednesday, and get an additional $5 off any accepted offer. Act quick, though, b/c the offer ends Monday morning. The best deal out there in the secondary market is $76, but thanks to TiqIQ and ScoreBig, you can offer less! Try $69, and with the $5 off, you'll be paying $64, which is a $12 savings, or, put another way, a free beer! Remember, these deals have no shipping fees, so it's about easy as it gets. It's also a battle for home court advantage in the East, so there's a ton on the line. Click the Gold IQ button to see it live.

Also, don't forget to shop for tickets at our CelticsBlog ticket shop. Plenty of key match-ups left in the season as we gear up for the playoffs and angle for playoff seedings.