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"Coach" Kevin Garnett Loves The Kids


Doc Rivers joked that Kevin Garnett would be a great coach but isn't sure about his sideline demeanor. I have to agree in terms of being a head coach, but I would love to see him be a big man coach in the Clifford Ray mold someday after he's done playing.

Professor Garnett's newest pupil - Boston Celtics Blog - ESPN Boston

Garnett has often gushed about the work ethic of the young players in the Celtics' locker room this season. He raves about the development of Avery Bradley, lovingly calls rookie Greg Stiemsma the "Steamboat," and clearly likes the intensity and untapped overall potential of Hollins. Rivers thinks that positive locker room vibe can translate to the court in a condensed season. "[Garnett] does [like the young players]," said Rivers. "Our locker room is good, it’s terrific. Avery, E’Twaun [Moore], JaJuan -- it’s just a good, refreshing locker room. It really is, it’s a fun group. When you go to practice, when you’re on the bus or on the plane with them, you really like being with them. And in this year, that may correlate into wins, because this is a hard year. It really helps when you like being around guys. And I think this year, has been a terrific year in that way."

Gotta love the way he works with the kids. Another reason it might be smart to bring him back next year - maybe even on a (reasonable) mulit-year deal.

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